Section 1-2. The scope of the Act

(1) The Act shall apply to undertakings that engage employees unless otherwise explicitly provided by the Act.
(2) The following are exempt from the Act:
  1. a.
    shipping, hunting and fishing, including the processing of the catch on board ship but so that diving operations and pilotage are covered by the Act,
  2. b.
    military aviation, which is covered by the Aviation Act. The Ministry may issue regulations concerning exceptions from the Act for civil aviation and state aviation other than military aviation and concerning special provisions for such aviation.
(3) The King may issue regulations concerning the provisions of Chapters 14, 15, 16 and 17 and concerning the extent to which these provisions shall apply to employees who are subject to the Act of 16 June 2017 No. 67 relating to Civil Servants (the Civil Service Act) or are senior civil servants.
(4) The King may by regulation provide that parts of the public administration shall wholly or partly be exempted from the Act when the activity is of such a special nature that it is difficult to adapt it to the provisions of the Act.