Section 15-13 a. Termination of employment on account of age

(1) Employment may be terminated when an employee reaches the age of 72.
(2) A lower age limit may be decided where necessary out of regard for health or safety.
(3) A lower age limit, but not lower than 70 years, may be decided if such limit is made known to the employees, if it is practised consistently by the employer and if the employee is entitled to a satisfactory service pension scheme. The employer shall discuss a lower age limit with the employees' elected representatives.
(4) A lower age limit decided pursuant to the second or third paragraph must be objectively justified and shall not involve disproportionate intervention, cf. section 13- 3, second paragraph.
(5) An employee is entitled to written notification of the date on which he is to leave his post. Termination of the employment may, at the earliest, be demanded six months after the first day in the month after such notification is received by the employee.
(6) Before issuing such notification, the employer shall as far as possible invite the employee to an interview unless this is not desired by the employee himself.
(7) Employees who wish to terminate their employment shall be subject to a corresponding notification time limit of one month, with the exception that this need not be given in writing.