Section 4-5. Particularly concerning chemical and biological health hazards

(1) When handling chemicals or biological substances, the working environment shall be so arranged that employees are protected against accidents, injuries to health and excessive discomfort. Chemicals and biological substances shall be manufactured, packed, used and stored in such a way that employees are not subjected to health hazards.
(2) Chemicals and biological substances that may involve health hazards shall not be used if they can be replaced by other substances or by another process that is less hazardous for the employees.
(3) The undertaking shall have the necessary routines and equipment to prevent or counteract injuries to health due to chemicals or biological substances.
(4) The undertaking shall keep a record of hazardous chemicals and biological substances. The record shall include information on physical, chemical and hazardous properties, preventive safety measures and first-aid treatment. Containers and packaging for chemicals and biological substances shall be clearly labelled with the name and composition and a warning in Norwegian.
(5) The Labour Inspection Authority may in individual cases wholly or partly exempt from the provisions of this section in connection with research and analysis or the like.
(6) The Ministry may by regulation issue further provisions concerning the implementation of the requirements of this section and may here provide that a record shall be kept of employees who are exposed to specified chemicals or biological substances.
(7) The Ministry may in regulations issue further provisions concerning the use, registration, assessment, approval, reporting, information, restriction or other handling of chemicals.