Section 5-4. Manufacturers and importers of chemicals and biological substances

(1) Any person who manufactures or imports chemicals or biological substances that will be used or foreseeably may be used in undertakings subject to this Act, shall:
  1. a.
    obtain information concerning the chemical's or substance's composition and properties,
  2. b.
    adopt the necessary measures to prevent accidents and injuries to health or excessive discomfort or inconvenience to the employees,
  3. c.
    notify the agency specified by the Ministry of the chemical's or substance's name, composition, physical and chemical properties, and whatever supplementary information is required to determine how hazardous the substance is,
  4. d.
    ensure proper packaging to prevent accidents and injury to health,
  5. e.
    label the packaging with the name of the chemical or substance, the name of the manufacturer or importer and a clear warning in Norwegian. The label shall be submitted with the notification required pursuant to (c).
(2) Food and substances subject to the Food Act and pharmaceuticals shall be exempt from the notification obligation and labelling obligation pursuant to these provisions.
(3) The Ministry may by regulation issue further provisions concerning the obligations of manufacturers and importers pursuant to this section, including provisions concerning exemptions in cases where importers use the imported chemicals or biological substances. The Ministry may by regulation provide that the provisions of or pursuant to this section shall wholly or partly apply to dealers, or that obligations pursuant to this section shall be imposed upon dealers rather than on manufacturers or importers.
(4) The Ministry may in regulations issue further provisions concerning the production, importing, registration, assessment, approval, reporting, information, restriction or other handling of chemicals.