Section 1-1. The purpose of the Act

The purpose of the Act is:
  1. a.
    to secure a working environment that provides a basis for a healthy and meaningful working situation, affords full safety from harmful physical and mental influences and always has a standard of welfare consistent with the level of technological and social development of society,
  2. b.
    to ensure sound conditions of employment and equality of treatment at work,
  3. c.
    to facilitate a satisfactory climate for expression in the undertaking,
  4. d.
    to facilitate adaptations of the individual employee's working situation in relation to his or her capabilities and circumstances of life,
  5. e.
    to provide a basis whereby the employer and the employees of undertakings may themselves safeguard and develop their working environment in cooperation with the employers' and employees' organisations and with the requisite guidance and supervision of the public authorities,
  6. f.
    to foster inclusive working conditions.