Section 17-2 a. Time limit for submission of matters to the Dispute Resolution Board

(1) A matter may be brought before the Dispute Resolution Board at the latest four weeks following receipt by the employee of the employer's written rejection. The time limit shall be calculated and interrupted in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 8 of the Courts of Justice Act.
(2) In educational leave cases, matters may be brought at the latest four weeks following the expiry of the employer's time limit for reply pursuant to section 12-11, fifth paragraph, if the employer has not replied within the time limit.
(3) Matters concerning the right to partial leave of absence pursuant to section 12-6 shall be considered even though the four-week time limit has expired if failure to observe the time limit is due to childbirth or taking over of care of an adoptive child or foster child. The matter must in such case be brought as soon as possible after the childbirth or taking over of care.