Section 18-6. Orders and other individual decisions

(1) The Labour Inspection Authority shall issue orders and make such individual decisions as are necessary for the implementation of the provisions of and pursuant to section 1-7, chapter 2, section 2 A-6, chapter 3 to chapter 11 and section 14-1 a, section 14-1 b, second paragraph, sections 14-5 to 14-8, section 14-9, second paragraph second sentence, section 14-12, first, second, third, sixth and seventh paragraph, section 14-12 a, first paragraph, section 14-12 b, first paragraph, section 14-15 second and sixth paragraph and sections 15-2, 15-15, 18-5 and 18-8. However, this does not apply to section 10-2, second to fourth paragraph and section 10-6, tenth paragraph.
(2) Orders shall be issued in writing, and time limits shall be set for their effectuation. In the event of immediate danger, the Labour Inspection Authority may demand that necessary measures be implemented immediately. Orders shall contain information regarding the right of appeal, the time limit for appeals, and the appeal procedure, as well as regarding the right to examine the case documents, cf. section 27 of the Public Administration Act.
(3) The Labour Inspection Authority may prohibit the manufacture, packaging, use or storage of hazardous chemicals or biological substances in undertakings subject to this Act. The Labour Inspection Authority may also require that the employer shall conduct special inspections or submit samples for inspection. Costs in this connection shall be borne by the employer.
(4) The Labour Inspection Authority may require that manufacturers or importers of chemicals or biological substances shall conduct inspections or submit samples for inspection to determine how hazardous the chemical or substance is. The costs of such inspections shall be borne by the party under obligation to conduct the inspection or submit the sample. The Labour Inspection Authority may prohibit the sale of a chemical or biological substance if a manufacturer or importer fails to observe his duty to report or mark the substance or to provide additional information required pursuant to section 5-4, first paragraph (c).
(5) The Labour Inspection Authority may issue orders to the effect that a person who supplies or markets a product which, even if used in accordance with requirements, may entail danger to life or health, shall take the necessary measures to avert such danger. It may, inter alia, be required that:
  1. a.
    supply or marketing be discontinued,
  2. b.
    products be recalled.
(6) In connection with permits, consent, dispensations or other individual decisions, the Labour Inspection Authority may impose specific conditions.
(7) Individual decisions adopted by local Labour Inspection Authority offices may be appealed to the Directorate of Labour Inspection. Individual decisions adopted by the Directorate may be appealed to the Ministry.
(8) The employees' elected representatives shall be informed of orders issued and individual decisions adopted by the Labour Inspection Authority.