Section 18-4. Access of the Labour Inspection Authority to the undertaking

(1) The Labour Inspection Authority shall always have free access to any premises subject to the Act. Inspectors shall produce proof of their identity pursuant to section 15 of the Public Administration Act and, if possible, make contact with the employer and the safety representative. The safety representative may require that other representatives of the employees shall take part in the inspection. In undertakings where no safety representative has been elected, the inspectors shall, if possible, take contact with another representative of the employees.
(2) The employer or his representative shall be entitled to be present during the inspection and may be so ordered. The inspectors may decide that such right shall not apply during interviews of employees or if the presence of the employer would entail a major inconvenience or endanger the purpose of the inspection.
(3) Unless weighty considerations indicate otherwise, the Labour Inspection Authority shall provide the employer with a written report on the result of the inspection. A copy of this report shall be given to the safety representative and, if necessary, to the occupational health service.