Section 2 A-1. The right to report issues of concern in the undertaking

(1) An employee has the right to report issues of concern in the employer's undertaking. Workers hired from temporary-work agencies also have a right to report issues of concern at the hirer's undertaking.
(2) For the purposes of this Act, issues of concern include breaches of legislation, written ethical guidelines in the undertaking or ethical norms on which there is broad agreement in society, for example, circumstances that may involve
  1. a.
    a danger to life or health
  2. b.
    a danger to climate and the environment
  3. c.
    corruption or other economic crime
  4. d.
    the abuse of authority
  5. e.
    an unsatisfactory working environment
  6. f.
    breach of personal data security.
(3) Questions raised that only relate to the employee's work situation shall not be considered whistleblowing according to the present chapter unless the matter also involves issues of concern as described in the second paragraph.