Section 8-3. Confidential information

(1) If the needs of the undertaking dictate that specific information should not be disclosed, the employer may impose a duty of secrecy on elected representatives of the employees and any advisers. The duty of secrecy shall also apply after the expiry of the term of office of such persons.
(2) The employer may in special cases omit to provide information or participate in consultations if, at the current time, this would clearly be of damage to the undertaking.
(3) The elected representatives of the undertaking's employees or one-fifth of the employees may bring disputes concerning the employer's decision pursuant to the first and second paragraph before the Dispute Resolution Board, cf. section 17-2. Such disputes may not be brought after the information to which the decision applies has become public knowledge. The Ministry may by regulation issue further provisions concerning the Board's authority and procedures in disputes pursuant to this section.