Section 14-15. Payment of salary and holiday pay

(1) Unless otherwise agreed, salary shall be paid at least twice a month. The date of payment of holiday pay is regulated by the Holiday Act.
(2) Salary, including holiday pay and other remuneration, shall be paid from the employer to the employee's account via a bank or undertaking entitled to operate a payment service. However, the first sentence does not apply if such a method of payment is impossible or extremely difficult for the employee or the employer.
(3) No amounts may be deducted from pay except:
  1. a.
    when authorised by law,
  2. b.
    in respect of employeeees' contributions to service pension schemes subject to the Company Pensions Act, the Contributory Pension Schemes Act or public service pension schemes,
  3. c.
    when stipulated in advance by a written agreement,
  4. d.
    when a collective pay agreement provides for the withholding of trade union dues including premiums for group insurance linked to trade union membership or contributions to information and development funds or low-income funds,
  5. e.
    in respect of compensation for damage or loss suffered by the undertaking, and caused wilfully or by gross negligence on the part of the employee in connection with the work, when the employee has acknowledged his liability in writing or it has been established by a court decision, or when the employee unlawfully terminates his employment,
  6. f.
    when, owing to current routines for calculation and disbursement of pay, it has in practice been impossible to take account of absence due to work stoppages or lockouts during the accounting period.
(4) Deductions in salary or holiday pay pursuant to the third paragraph (c), (e) and (f) shall be limited to that part of the claim which exceeds the amount reasonably needed by the employee to support himself and his household.
(5) Before effecting deductions pursuant to the third paragraph (e), the employer shall discuss the basis for and the amount of deduction with the employee and with the employees' elected representatives unless the employee himself does not desire this.
(6) At the time of payment or immediately thereafter, the employee shall receive a written statement of the method used for calculating the pay, the basis on which the holiday pay is calculated, and any deductions made.