Section 4-1. General requirements regarding the working environment

(1) The working environment in the undertaking shall be fully satisfactory when the factors in the working environment that may influence the employees' physical and mental health and welfare are assessed separately and collectively. The standard of safety, health and working environment shall be continuously developed and improved in accordance with developments in society.
(2) When planning and arranging the work, emphasis shall be placed on preventing injuries and diseases. The organisation, arrangement and management of work, working hours, and wage systems, including the use of performance-related pay, technology, etc., shall be organised in such a way that the employees are not exposed to adverse physical or mental strain and that due regard is paid to safety considerations.
(3) It shall be assessed whether there are any special risks associated with working alone in the undertaking. Measures necessary for preventing and reducing any risk of working alone shall be implemented to meet the statutory requirements regarding a fully satisfactory working environment.
(4) The undertaking shall be arranged for employees of both sexes.
(5) Passageways, sanitary facilities, work equipment, etc. shall to the extent possible and reasonable be designed and arranged so that employees with disabilities can work at the undertaking.
(6) The Ministry may issue regulations concerning restricting permission to employ certain groups of employees who may be particularly vulnerable to accidents or health hazards and concerning relocation of such employees.
(7) The Ministry may issue regulations requiring the use of HSE cards by employees in branches where this is necessary or appropriate to safeguard the employees' health, environment and safety and concerning lists of persons at any time employed at the workplace. If so ordered by the Ministry, the public authorities shall be obliged, notwithstanding the duty of secrecy, to provide the issuer of HSE cards with all information from public registers that is necessary for the issue of HSE cards.
(8) When consideration for health, environment and safety so indicates, the Ministry may issue regulations stating that undertakings that provide cleaning services or services in connection with maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, must be approved by the Labour Inspection Authority and concerning the detailed contents of such an approval arrangement. When such approval is required, it will be unlawful to use services operated by undertakings with no such approval.