Section 14 A-4. Non-solicitation of customers clauses

(1) For the purpose of this chapter, the ‘non-solicitation of customers clause’ means an agreement between the employer and the employee limiting the employee's freedom to contact the employer's customers following termination of employment.
(2) A non-solicitation of customers clause may only apply to customers with whom the employee has had contact or for whom he has been responsible during the year immediately before the statement as referred to in the third paragraph. The clause may not in any event be invoked more than one year from the termination of the employment. Section 14 A-1, third to sixth paragraph, shall apply correspondingly.
(3) On a written enquiry from the employee, the employer shall within four weeks provide a written statement concerning whether and to what extent a non-solicitation of customers clause will be invoked. The statement shall in such case specify which customers the non-solicitation of customers clause applies to. Section 14 A-2, second to fifth paragraph, shall apply correspondingly.