Section 2-3. Employees' duty to cooperate

(1) Employees shall cooperate on the design, implementation, and follow-up of the undertaking's systematic work on health, environment and safety. Employees shall take part in the organised safety and environmental work of the undertaking and shall actively cooperate on the implementation of measures to create a satisfactory and safe working environment.
(2) Employees shall:
  1. a.
    use the prescribed protective equipment, exercise caution, and otherwise contribute to the prevention of accidents and injury to health,
  2. b.
    immediately notify the employer and the safety representative and to the extent necessary other employees when employees become aware of faults or defects that may involve danger to life or health and they are unable to remedy the fault or defect,
  3. c.
    interrupt work if the employees consider that it cannot continue without involving danger to life or health,
  4. d.
    ensure that the employer or the safety representative is notified as soon as employees become aware of harassment or discrimination at the workplace,
  5. e.
    notify the employer if an employee suffers an injury at work or contracts a disease which the employee believes to result from the work or conditions at the workplace,
  6. f.
    cooperate on the preparation and implementation of follow-up plans in connection with total or partial absence from work owing to accidents, sickness, fatigue, or the like,
  7. g.
    take part in a dialogue meeting when summoned by the employer, cf. section 4-6, fourth paragraph.
  8. h.
    obey instructions issued by the Labour Inspection Authority.
(3) Employees charged with directing or supervising other employees shall ensure that safety and health are taken into consideration when work that comes under their areas of responsibility is being planned and carried out.