Section 17-2. Dispute Resolution Board

(1) Disputes as referred to in sections 8-3, 10-13, 12-14, 14-3, first paragraph and 14-4 a may be brought before a Dispute Resolution Board for decision.
(2) A dispute may not be brought before the courts until it has been reviewed by the Board and a decision has been made by the Board. When the dispute is reviewed by a court of law, the conclusion arrived at by the Board shall stand while the matter is under review. If this would have unreasonable consequences, the court may, if so demanded by either of the parties, decide upon another temporary arrangement.
(3) The time limit for bringing the dispute before the courts is eight weeks from the date the party is notified of the Board's decision.
(4) If legal proceedings are not instituted within the time limit, the decision shall have the same effect as a legally enforceable judgment and can be executed according to the rules for judgments. The Board may grant reinstatement following a breach of the time limit pursuant to the provisions of sections 16-12 to 16-14 of the Dispute Act. An administrative decision concerning reinstatement may be submitted to the district court.
(5) The Ministry may issue regulations concerning the appointment of the members of the Board and concerning the Board's composition and procedure.