Section 15-6. Protection against dismissal in contracts of employment specifying a trial period

(1) If an employee engaged by written contract for a given trial period is dismissed, such dismissal must be on the grounds of the employee's lack of suitability for the work, or lack of proficiency or reliability.
(2) The provisions of this section do not restrict the employer's right to dismiss an employee pursuant to section 15-7.
(3) The provisions of this section shall only be applicable if notice is given before the expiry of the agreed trial period. The trial period may be agreed for up to six months, however cf. the fourth paragraph.
(4) If an employee has been absent from work during the trial period, the employer may extend the agreed trial period by a period corresponding to the period of absence. Such extension may only take place when the employee has been informed of this possibility in writing at the time of his appointment, and when the employer has informed the employee of the extension in writing before the expiry of the trial period. The right to extend the trial period shall not apply to absences caused by the employer.
(5) The Ministry may issue regulations permitting agreement on a trial period longer than six months in the case of certain groups of employees.