Section 18-11. Mutual assistance in connection with recovery and notification of financial administrative sanctions

(1) Decisions concerning financial administrative sanctions and fines imposed by responsible authorities or courts in other EEA member states are binding in Norway and may be enforced in cases where such decisions concern non-compliance with national provisions implementing Annex XVIII No. 30 of the EEA Agreement (Directive 96/71/EC) concerning the posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services or Directive 2014/67/EU on the enforcement of Directive 96/71/EC and amending Regulation (EU) No 1024/2012 on administrative cooperation through the Internal Market Information System, as incorporated in the EEA Agreement, and where such decisions may not be appealed or are legally enforceable.
(2) Financial claims resulting from decisions as referred to in the first paragraph shall be recovered by the Norwegian National Collection Agency unless otherwise decided by the Ministry.
(3) The Norwegian National Collection Agency may request the responsible authorities of other EEA member states to recover financial claims resulting from decisions referred to in section 18-7 of the Working Environment Act1 (Coercive fines) and section 18-10 (Administrative fines) which meet the conditions set out in the first paragraph.
(4) Financial claims recovered pursuant to the first paragraph shall accrue to the Treasury. Financial claims recovered pursuant to the third paragraph shall accrue to the EEA member state that carries out the recovery.
(5) The Ministry may in regulations make further provisions concerning notification and enforcement of decisions as referred to in the first and third paragraphs.
1 I.e. the present Act.