Section 1-6. Persons who are not employees

(1) The following persons are regarded as employees pursuant to the Act's provisions concerning notification and health, environment and safety when performing work in undertakings subject to the Act:
  1. a.
    students at educational or research institutions,
  2. b.
    national servicemen,
  3. c.
    persons performing civilian national service and Civil Defence servicemen,
  4. d.
    inmates in correctional institutions,
  5. e.
    patients in health institutions, rehabilitation institutions and the like,
  6. f.
    persons who for training purposes or in connection with work-oriented measures are placed in undertakings without being employees,
  7. g.
    persons who without being employees participate in labour market schemes.

The provisions of this Act concerning notification shall not however apply to persons as referred to in (d). The Ministry may by regulation provide exceptions from the provision laid down in the first sentence.

(2) The provisions of the Act concerning the employer shall apply to a person who allows persons as referred to in the first paragraph to perform work in his undertaking.
(3) The Ministry may issue regulations concerning the extent to which the remaining provisions of this Act shall apply to persons referred to in the first paragraph.