Section 4-4. Requirements regarding the physical working environment

(1) Physical working environment factors such as factors relating to buildings and equipment, indoor climate, lighting, noise, radiation and the like shall be fully satisfactory with regard to the employees' health, environment, safety and welfare.
(2) The workplace shall be equipped and arranged in such a way as to avoid adverse physical strain on the employees. Necessary aids shall be made available to the employees. Arrangements shall be made for variation in the work and to avoid heavy lifting and monotonous repetitive work. When machines and other work equipment are being installed and used, care shall be taken to ensure that employees are not subjected to undesirable strain as a result of vibration, uncomfortable working positions and the like.
(3) Machines and other work equipment shall be designed and provided with safety devices so that employees are protected against injuries.
(4) Living quarters made available to employees by the employer shall be properly constructed, equipped and maintained. Any house rules shall be drawn up in consultation with employees' representatives.
(5) The Ministry may by regulation issue further provisions concerning the implementation of the requirements of this section and may here provide that the provisions shall apply to the lessors of premises and the like.