Section 64. Refugee travel document and immigrant passport

A foreign national who is granted a residence permit under section 28 shall upon application also be granted a refugee travel document for travel outside Norway, provided that no special reasons indicate otherwise. If the refugee holds a travel document issued by a foreign state, this right applies only where Norway is obliged to issue a refugee travel document under an international agreement.
A foreign national who holds or is granted a residence permit in the realm based on an application for asylum, but who has not been granted a residence permit as a refugee, shall be granted an immigrant passport for travel outside Norway if his or her relationship with the authorities of the country of origin so requires and no special reasons indicate otherwise. An immigrant passport may also be issued in other cases in accordance with further provisions issued by the King.
A passport or other travel documents in the applicant’s possession must be handed in together with the application for a refugee travel document or immigrant passport.
The King may issue regulations containing provisions on the issuance, area of validity, renewal and seizure of refugee travel documents and immigrant passports, and the further conditions for such measures, and provisions on emergency travel documents.