Section 134. Role of the special advocate

If a special advocate has been appointed for a foreign national, the special advocate shall be notified of the information and evidence that will be presented by consent under section 22-1 (2) of the Dispute Act, see also section 133, first paragraph, and shall safeguard the interests of the foreign national in connection with the court’s consideration of these. The court decides the means by which the special advocate is to be granted access to the classified material.
The special advocate shall be notified of all court hearings held in the case, and has the right to be present throughout a court hearing.
The special advocate shall keep confidential the content of information mentioned in the first paragraph, what is revealed when the information is examined and the part of the court’s judgment that refers to the information. The duty of secrecy also applies after the special advocate has completed the assignment.
The King may issue regulations containing further provisions.