Section 121. Rejection

EEA nationals and their family members may be rejected when:
  1. a.
    they do not show a valid passport or other approved travel document or visa when this is necessary,
  2. b.
    they enter or reside in the realm without a right of entry, right of residence or permanent right of residence under sections 111, 112, 113, 114, 115 or 116 and, moreover, they do not have a right of entry or to a residence permit under the general provisions of the Act, or
  3. c.
    there are circumstances that provide grounds for expulsion.
A foreign national as mentioned in section 110, fourth paragraph, who has a right of residence under section 111, second paragraph, or section 114, second paragraph, may be rejected when there are circumstances that provide grounds for expulsion.
A case concerning rejection under the first paragraph, (a) and (c), must be opened at the time of entry or no later than within seven days. If no case concerning rejection is opened within seven days, a foreign national without right of residence under this chapter may be rejected by administrative decision of the Directorate of Immigration under the provisions of the first paragraph, (c).
The police prepare cases to be decided by the Directorate of Immigration.
The King may issue regulations containing further provisions, including that rejection under the first paragraph may be decided by the police.