Section 130. Coercive measures, etc.

Travel documents may be seized under section 104, or a duty to report and to have a specific place of residence may be imposed under section 105, if
  1. a.
    the foreign national has been found to pose a threat to fundamental national interests, and
  2. b.
    has not complied with an administrative decision requiring him or her to leave the realm, or a forced return cannot be implemented otherwise.
A foreign national may be arrested and detained under section 106 if he or she poses a threat to fundamental national interests and this has been established in an administrative decision in the immigration case and measures are taken in respect of the foreign national with a view to removal. The provisions in section 106, fifth paragraph, relating to the maximum overall period of detention do not apply.
In wartime or when there is a threat of war, or otherwise when particular circumstances apply, the King may, out of regard for fundamental national interests, issue further provisions on the duty to report in addition to those contained in section 19 and regulations issued under section 20.