Section 93. Time of submission of application for protection. Elucidation of the case

An application for protection under section 28 shall be lodged with the police without undue delay. A passport or other travel document in the possession of the foreign national shall be handed in by him or her together with the application.
If circumstances as mentioned in section 28 arise only after the foreign national's entry into the realm, an application shall be lodged without undue delay after the foreign national became aware of the circumstances.
The person who registers the application shall take the foreign national’s photograph and fingerprints; see section 100, first paragraph, (b). When deemed necessary, copies may be made of documents in the foreign national’s possession.
The applicant has an obligation to do his or her best to present necessary documentation and to assist in obtaining necessary information. For this purpose the applicant may be ordered to be available at a specified location. The immigration authorities have an independent responsibility to obtain necessary and available information before the administrative decision is made, see section 17, first paragraph, of the Public Administration Act.
The King may issue regulations containing further provisions on the implementation of the administrative proceedings.