Section 102 c. Registration in NORVIS, access to and processing of information in VIS

Information that is required to process a visa application, including biometric personal data in the form of a facial photograph and fingerprints, as well as information about any decision, annulment, revocation or extension, shall be recorded in NORVIS and be transmitted to the central unit; see section 98.
Authorities with responsibility for the processing of visa applications may enter, amend and delete data in VIS. Authorities with responsibility for border control, immigration control and the processing of asylum applications have read access to information in VIS.
Information recorded under the first paragraph shall not be stored for more than five years. If a visa applicant who is registered in VIS becomes a citizen of a member country before the five-year period has expired, information about that person shall be deleted from VIS. Only the responsible member state may amend entered information.