Section 35. Resettlement of refugees at the request of international organisations, etc. (resettlement refugees)

At the request of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, other international organisations or other bodies as determined by the King in regulations, the Directorate of Immigration may, subject to the limits and in accordance with any guidelines laid down by higher authority, make administrative decisions providing that a foreign national shall be granted an entry permit. The King may issue regulations giving the power to make administrative decisions to another body.
Independently of the limitation in section 76, second paragraph, the Ministry may issue instructions in cases relating to entry permits under this provision.
A foreign national who has received an entry permit under the first paragraph is granted a residence permit granted under this section until the Directorate of Immigration has decided whether the foreign national should be granted a residence permit as a refugee under section 28 or a residence permit under section 38. In the assessment of a case under sections 28 and 38 after entry, due weight shall be given to whether the foreign national had reason to anticipate being deemed a refugee under section 28.
Chapters IV and V of the Public Administration Act concerning preparation of cases and administrative decisions apply only to decisions made after entry. Chapter VI of the Public Administration Act concerning appeal and reversal apply in cases where an administrative decision regarding a residence permit has been made under sections 28 or 38.
The King may issue regulations containing further provisions on the application of this section.