Section 56. Application for residence permit

A first-time residence permit must have been issued prior to entry into the realm.
The provision in the first paragraph entails no limitation of the right to seek asylum, see section 28, or to invoke protection against removal, see section 73.
The immigration authorities may in individual cases make exceptions to the condition in the first paragraph when strong grounds of reasonableness so indicate.
Where a residence permit is applied for under sections 40 or 41 and the marriage has been entered into or the cohabitation has been established abroad after the sponsor, see section 39, has previously been resident in Norway, a residence permit may not be granted until the sponsor has returned to Norway and has been interviewed by the immigration authorities, unless
  1. a.
    the case concerns an application under section 40 and the sponsor was interviewed in connection with the case before the marriage was entered into, or
  2. b.
    the applicant is entitled to visa-free entry.
The King may issue regulations containing exceptions to the first and fourth paragraphs. The King may also issue regulations containing further provisions on the procedure for filing an application for a residence permit and for conducting interviews as mentioned in the fourth paragraph.
If the applicant does not satisfy the conditions for applying from the realm, the application shall be refused on this basis. The same applies if the applicant does not satisfy the conditions for entering the realm before a permit is granted.