Section 98 g. Termination of the assignment as representative

The representative’s assignment terminates when
  1. a.
    the minor reaches the age of 18 or is deemed to be over 18 years of age in an administrative decision by the Directorate of Immigration,
  2. b.
    the minor is granted a residence permit which provides a basis for a permanent residence permit, and a guardian has been appointed under the provisions of the Guardianship Act,
  3. c.
    the minor leaves the country permanently,
  4. d.
    the minor’s parents or other persons with parental responsibility come to Norway or otherwise become capable of exercising their parental responsibility, or
  5. e.
    the conditions for the appointment are otherwise no longer fulfilled.
An appointed representative may, on giving reasonable notice to the county governor, request to be released from the assignment as representative. The county governor may relieve an appointed representative of the assignment if this is in the child’s best interests. The representative’s assignment does not terminate until a new representative is appointed.