Section 98 d. The duties of the representative

The representative shall safeguard the interests of the minor in the asylum case and otherwise perform such duties as are imposed on a guardian under other legislation.
In the asylum case the representative shall, among other things,
  1. a.
    be present during conversations between the authorities and the minor,
  2. b.
    assist the minor in connection with investigations of identity, age, etc.,
  3. c.
    assist the minor in connection with tracing his or her parents or other carers, and
  4. d.
    maintain contact with the minor’s lawyer and stay updated on progress in the case.
The representative shall ensure that the minor’s care needs are met satisfactorily, but the representative has no responsibility for the minor’s maintenance and daily care.
In performing his or her duties, the representative shall take due account of the minor’s national, linguistic, religious and cultural background, including by ensuring appropriate communication with the minor. The King may issue regulations containing further provisions on coverage of interpretation expenses.