Section 124. Entry prohibition and power to make administrative decisions, etc.

Expulsion precludes subsequent entry. The entry prohibition may be made permanent or time- limited, but not for periods shorter than two years. In the assessment, particular weight shall be given to the factors as mentioned in section 122, first paragraph.
The entry prohibition may be lifted upon application if indicated by new circumstances. If special circumstances apply, the expelled person may upon application be admitted to the realm for brief visits even if the entry prohibition is not lifted, but normally not until one year has passed since exit.
The Directorate of Immigration makes administrative decisions regarding expulsion under the provisions of sections 122 and 123, and also decides any application for admission to the realm by a foreign national who has been expelled. The police prepare cases to be decided by the Directorate of Immigration.
Before an administrative decision is made concerning expulsion of a foreign national who is serving a special criminal sanction, a statement shall be obtained from the professional authority responsible for the special sanction, see section 1-4 of the Mental Health Care Act, on the implementation of the special sanction and the risk of serious new offences. The statement shall be submitted to the prosecuting authority, which shall be given opportunity to comment on the matter.
The King may issue regulations containing further provisions.