Section 44. Family reunification between a Norwegian child and the child’s mother or father

An applicant who is the mother or father of a Norwegian child under the age of 18 for whom the applicant has parental responsibility and with whom the applicant lives permanently is entitled to a residence permit in order to live with the child in Norway. It is a condition that the applicant is not married to and will not live with the child’s other parent.
A residence permit may nevertheless be refused if this would lead to the applicant being reunited with a spouse living in Norway who is already married to or cohabiting with another person here. The same applies if the applicant and the parent living in Norway are not married at the time of application but a bigamous relationship has previously existed between the applicant, the parent living in Norway and the latter’s present spouse or cohabitant.
The King may issue regulations containing supplementary provisions on the power to refuse a residence permit under the second paragraph.