Section 84 b. Exception to duty of secrecy for employees at reception and care centres, etc.

Employees who perform work or service at a reception centre shall upon request provide the immigration authorities with information about a resident for use in a case under this Act, including implementation of an administrative decision requiring the departure of the resident from the country. Employees are permitted to provide information about the resident on their own initiative. Information under the first and second sentences may be provided notwithstanding the rules on the duty of secrecy in section 13 onwards of the Public Administration Act.
In the case of residents who are unaccompanied asylum-seeking minors, the immigration authorities may not ask employees as mentioned in the first paragraph, and employees at care centres for minors and child welfare institutions, see chapters 5 and 5 A of the Child Welfare Act, for information under the first paragraph.
The King may issue regulations on what information shall be provided under the first paragraph, on the procedure for collecting information under the first paragraph, and on further processing of the collected information.