Section 40 a. Requirement for the sponsor to have worked or studied in Norway for four years

It is a condition for a residence permit under section 40 that the sponsor has worked or studied in Norway for four years, when the sponsor has:
  1. a.
    asylum; see section 28,
  2. b.
    a residence permit following permission to enter as a resettlement refugee; see section 35, third paragraph,
  3. c.
    collective protection in a mass flight situation; see section 34,
  4. d.
    a residence permit on the grounds of strong humanitarian considerations or a particular connection with the realm; see section 38,
  5. e.
    a residence permit as a family member; see sections 40 to 53, or
  6. f.
    a permanent residence permit based on the permits mentioned in (a) to (e); see section 62.
The condition in the first paragraph does not apply when
  1. a.
    the marriage had been entered into or the parties had conceived a child before the time of the sponsor’s entry into the realm, or
  2. b.
    the parties have entered into marriage or conceived a child in Norway while both parties held a Norwegian residence permit.
Exceptions may be made to the condition if special grounds, including the interests of family unity, indicate that this should be done.
The King may issue regulations containing further provisions.