Section 120. Revocation of residence documents, etc.

A foreign national who otherwise satisfies the conditions for a right of residence under this chapter does not have such a right if there are circumstances that provide grounds for refusing the foreign national admission to or residence in the realm under other provisions of the Act. The same applies if the foreign national has knowingly provided incorrect information or kept secret matters of material importance.
Registration certificates, residence cards, permanent residence certificates and permanent residence cards may be revoked on the grounds mentioned in the first paragraph.
Registration certificates and residence cards may be revoked when if the registration is deemed to be invalid for other reasons. Section 35 of the Public Administration Act applies to revocation decisions under this paragraph insofar as it is relevant.
Residence documents as mentioned in the second paragraph shall be revoked if the right of residence lapses as mentioned in sections 115, first paragraph, fourth sentence, and 116, first paragraph, fifth sentence.
Residence cards shall be revoked if a foreign national who is not an EEA national is granted a residence permit under chapters 3, 4, 6 or 7 of the Act. This does not apply when the foreign national is a family member of an EEA national.
The issue of a residence card may be refused under the provisions of sections 118 and 119 if, when asked, the sponsor, see section 39, does not consent to the applicant being granted residence, or if it is likely that the marriage was entered into against the will of one of the parties or with the primary purpose of procuring lawful residence in the realm for the applicant.
The provisions of section 85 apply correspondingly to cases under this chapter.
The Directorate of Immigration makes administrative decisions on revocation under the second paragraph.
The King may issue regulations containing further provisions.