Section 84. Obligation to provide information and exceptions to the duty of secrecy for public authorities

If the body dealing with a case under this Act deems it necessary in order to shed light on the case, the body may, notwithstanding the duty of secrecy, order the following bodies to disclose information concerning foreign nationals or other persons to whom this Act applies:
  1. a.
    the child welfare authorities,
  2. b.
    municipalities in connection with the introduction programme,
  3. c.
    the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund,
  4. d.
    the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service,
  5. e.
    the tax assessment authorities,
  6. f.
    the police and
  7. g.
    the national population register authority.
The King may issue regulations containing further provisions on which bodies may request information under the first paragraph, the types of cases in which information may be collected, the persons about whom information may be collected and which information may be collected.