Section 101. Processing of fingerprints. Eurodac

Regulation (EU) No 603/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council (the Eurodac Regulation 2013), see also Article 4 of Norway’s accession agreement relating to the Dublin cooperation, apply as Norwegian law, with the exception of Article 1(2), Article 2(1)(a), (c), (f), (j), (k) and (4), Article 3(5), Article 5, Article 6, Article 7(2), Article 8(1)(h) and (i), Article 18(2) and (3), Articles 19 to 22, Article 32(2), Article 33, Article 36, Article 38, Article 39(3), final part, Article 40(7) and Article 43.
The Personal Data Act applies to the processing of information unless otherwise provided in law or regulations. The King may issue regulations containing further provisions on the processing of information.