Chapter 14. Appointment, etc.

Section 14-1. Information concerning vacant posts in the undertaking Section 14-1 a. Discussions concerning the use of part-time employment Section 14-2. Preferential right to a new appointment Section 14-3. Preferential rights of part-time employees Section 14-4. Effects of a breach of the provisions concerning preferential rights Section 14-4 a. Part-time workers' entitlement to a post equivalent to actual working hours Section 14-4 b. Consequences of breaches of part-time workers' entitlement to a post equivalent to actual working hours Section 14-5. Requirements regarding a written contract of employment Section 14-6. Minimum requirements regarding the content of the written contract Section 14-7. Employees posted abroad Section 14-8. Changes in the employment relationship Section 14-9. Permanent and temporary appointment Section 14-10. Fixed-term appointments Section 14-11. Effects of breaches of the provisions concerning permanent and temporary appointments Section 14-12. Hiring of workers from undertakings whose object is to hire out labour (temporary-work agencies) Section 14-12 a. Equal treatment regarding pay and working conditions in connection with the hiring out of workers by temporary-work agencies Section 14-12 b. The obligation to provide information and right of access to information when hiring workers from temporary- work agencies Section 14-12 c. Joint and several liability for user undertakings Section 14-13. Hiring of employees from undertakings other than those whose object is to hire out labour Section 14-14. Consequences of unlawful hiring of employees Section 14-15. Payment of salary and holiday pay Section 14-16. Staff rules Section 14-17. Establishment of staff rules Section 14-18. Time limit for submitting staff rules Section 14-19. Validity of staff rules Section 14-20. Amendments to staff rules