Section 14-1. Requirement for health surveillance

When warranted by a risk situation, the employer shall provide adequate health surveillance.
Suitable medical examinations of employees shall always be carried out in accordance with the Regulations concerning the Performance of Work when the employees are exposed to:
  • hazardous chemicals, cf. Chapter 3;
  • fibrous asbestos dust, cf. Chapter 4;
  • biological agents, cf. Chapter 6;
  • noise or mechanical vibrations, cf. Chapter 14;
  • ionising radiation, cf. Chapter 15;
  • artificial optical radiation, cf. Chapter 16;
  • electromagnetic field, cf. Chapter 16 A;
  • work under water or under increased ambient pressure, cf. Chapter 26;
  • gas, dust or other harmful conditions in connection with rock work, cf. Chapter 27.
Suitable medical examinations in accordance with the second paragraph shall be performed by, or under the supervision of, a competent medical practitioner.