Section 12-3. Right to employ children in cultural work or similar

Children under the age of 15 or children required to go to school under the Act of 17 July 1998 No 61 relating to primary and secondary education and training (the Education Act) may carry out cultural, artistic, sports-related or advertising work, insofar as the work does not have an adverse effect on their health, safety or development, and does not affect their schooling, participation in vocational guidance or training, or their chance of benefiting from education.
Before children are put to work as mentioned in the first paragraph, the employer shall obtain the consent of the Labour Inspection Authority. Consent pursuant to Section 12-4 shall be enclosed with the application to the Labour Inspection Authority.
When it is justifiable from a safety and health perspective, the Labour Inspection Authority may on application give its prior consent to children being used for cultural, artistic or sports-related work more than two hours a day and twelve hours a week.