Section 7-3. Additional requirements for risk assessments:

Risk assessments shall be carried out in accordance with the Regulations concerning the Performance of Work, in connection with:
  • the use and handling of chemicals, cf. Chapter 3;
  • hot work, cf. Chapter 5;
  • the risk of exposure to biological agents, cf. Chapter 6;
  • exposure to mutagenic agents, cf. Chapter 7;
  • exposure to noise and mechanical vibrations, cf. Chapter 14;
  • exposure to artificial optical radiation, cf. Chapter 16;
  • exposure to an electromagnetic field, cf. Chapter 16 A;
  • the performance of work at height; cf. Chapter 17;
  • the performance of excavation work, cf. Chapter 21;
  • manual work that can entail a risk of harmful strain, cf. Chapter 23;
  • work that may entail a risk of exposure to violence and threats of violence, cf. Chapter 23A;
  • work under water or under increased ambient pressure, cf. Chapter 26;
  • the risk of avalanches, cf. Chapter 30.