Section 9-2. Additional requirements for information to employees

The employer shall ensure that information is provided in accordance with the Regulations concerning the Performance of Work, in connection with:
  • work with chemicals, cf. Chapter 3;
  • hot work, cf. Chapter 5;
  • exposure to mutagenic agents, cf. Chapter 7;
  • work with work equipment that requires special caution, cf. Chapter 10;
  • work involving a risk of exposure to harmful noise or mechanical vibrations, cf. Chapter 14;
  • work involving a risk of exposure to artificial optical radiation, cf. Chapter 16;
  • work involving a risk of exposure to electromagnetic fields, cf. Chapter 16 A;
  • excavation work, cf. Chapter 21;
  • safety signage and signalling, cf. Chapter 22;
  • ergonomically strenuous work, cf. Chapter 23;
  • work that may entail a risk of exposure to violence and threats of violence, cf. Chapter 23A.