Section 3-22. Undertakings that have other collaborative bodies

In undertakings where a collaborative body already exists, the employer and local trade unions of which a majority of the employees are members may agree that this body is to function as a working environment committee.
If no local trade union exists, or if only a minority of the employees are members of the union, the employees can appoint representatives who, either alone or together with the union, will be tasked with entering into such an agreement with the employer.
In order for another collaborative body to function as the working environment committee, the following conditions must be met:
  1. a.
    The employer and employees shall have an equal number of representatives on the committee. If other groups are represented on the committee, they shall not have voting rights in matters relating to the working environment.
  2. b.
    The employer must be represented as prescribed in Section 3-7.
  3. c.
    The senior safety representative shall be a representative of the employees; see Section 3-7.
  4. d.
    The occupational health service shall be represented without voting rights; see Section 3-7.
If the requirements can be met by supplementing the committee, the committee may act as a working environment committee when such supplementation takes place.