Section 10-3. Requirements for the choice of work equipment

The employer shall ensure that the work equipment used has been designed and arranged so that the employees are protected against harm to life or health during the use of the equipment; see the Regulations concerning the Performance of Work.
In order to protect the employees' life and health, the employer shall, when choosing work equipment, take into consideration special conditions in each workplace, the distinctive features of the work and the dangers that may arise in connection with the use of the equipment.
The employer shall assess the risks and implement necessary measures to ensure that work equipment that is made available to the employees is suitable for the work and adapted to the intended purpose. It must be possible to use and maintain the work equipment without any risk of harm to the life or health of the person carrying out the work.
When it is not possible to fully ensure that work equipment can be used without risk of harm to life or health, the employer shall implement measures to reduce the risks to a minimum.