Section 8-1. General requirements for training

Employers shall ensure that employees who use equipment and plant or handle goods, substances or products have received necessary training and practice in expedient working methods, organisation of the work and other relevant factors, and have the necessary qualifications for the safe performance of the work.
Where the use of aids, evacuation and rescue equipment, first aid equipment or personal protective equipment is required, training shall be provided and, if necessary, drills shall be organised in the use of such equipment.
In connection with the training of persons under the age of 18, a special account shall be taken of their lack of work experience, that they are not aware of existing and potential risks and that they are not yet fully developed.
Owners of undertakings with no employees, or in which employees can be exposed to risk in connection with the use of the equipment and the performance of work, shall ensure that necessary training and qualifications are in place.
Training shall be repeated when necessary.
The training shall be provided in a language that the employees understand.