Section 12-9. Conditions for using young people for night work

If the work is not harmful to their health, safety or development, young people between the ages of 15 and 18 who are not required to go to school may perform night work in the following cases:
  1. a.
    Cultural, artistic or sports-related work can be performed until 23:00.
  2. b.
    Work under an apprenticeship contract in undertakings in the hotel and restaurant industry may be performed until 24:00 when this is necessary in order to serve guests.
  3. c.
    Work involving the sale or distribution of newspapers may be performed from 4:00.
  4. d.
    Work in two shifts in a non-industrial undertaking may be performed between 6:00 and 24:00. This exception does not apply to building and construction undertakings and transport undertakings.
  5. e.
    Cleaning can be performed until 24:00 when the work cannot be performed without interrupting other work in the workplace and has to be performed at night due to the number of hours for which the workplace is in operation.
  6. f.
    Light security and gatekeeper work may be performed between 6:00 and 24:00.
  7. g.
    Light work in nursing and healthcare undertakings, and halls of residence affiliated with boarding schools, children's homes, kindergartens etc. may be performed between 6:00 and 24:00.
  8. h.
    Light work in hospitals and similar institutions may be performed until 6:00 by health care worker students, apprentices and trainees as part of their upper secondary training. The work must be part of the practical training in accordance with the applicable vocational curriculum.