Section 6-1. Scope

This chapter shall apply to undertakings
  1. a.
    that are required to hold a licence to serve food pursuant to the Act of 13 June 1997 No 55 relating to the serving of food (the Food Services Act) or a licence pursuant to the Act of 2 June 1989 No 27 relating to the sale of alcoholic beverages, etc. (the Alcohol Act),
  2. b.
    that must be approved by the Labour Inspection Authority pursuant to the Regulations of 8 May 2012 No 408 on the public authorisation of cleaning businesses and purchasing of cleaning services,
  3. c.
    that offer accommodation, including hotel and youth hostel accommodation, holiday apartments, camping sites and tourist lodges.
This chapter does not apply to petroleum activities, cf. Section 1-2. The chapter also applies to undertakings with no employees and undertakings that provide temporary employees to undertakings comprised by the first paragraph (a-c) of this provision.