Section 2-2. Duties and participation of safety representatives

Safety representatives shall work for the implementation of the Working Environment Act's objectives and otherwise perform their duties pursuant to Section 6-2 of the Working Environment Act and Section 12-11 of these regulations.
Safety representatives are entitled to spend time as necessary to perform their duties properly.
In undertakings that do not have a working environment committee, the safety representative shall also:
  1. a.
    consider and make statements on matters mentioned in Section 7-2 (2) and (3) of the Working Environment Act;
  2. b.
    review reports on occupational diseases, work accidents, occupational hygiene surveys etc., as mentioned in Section 7-2 (4) of the Working Environment Act. In such cases, the safety representative shall have the same access to the Labour Inspection Authority and the police's investigation documents as the working environment committee. The safety representative shall contribute to clarifying the causes of work accidents and occupational diseases and see to it that the employer takes action to prevent a recurrence.