Section 7-1. General requirements for mapping and risk assessments

The parties to which the regulations apply, cf. Section 1-3, shall ensure that the working environment in the undertaking is considered in connection with the planning, facilitation and performance of the work.
Factors that can affect employees' physical or mental health, including working hours, shall be mapped and, if necessary, measured. Special consideration shall be given to whether employees under 18 years will be used for the work; see Chapter 12.
Based on the mapping, the risk of injury or harm to the employees' health and safety shall be assessed.
Risk assessments shall be carried out regularly, in connection with changes that may have an impact on the risk factors and in connection with purchases of machinery and equipment that may have an impact on the health, safety and working environment in the undertaking.
Risk assessments shall be carried out in cooperation with the employees and their representatives.
Mapping and risk assessments, and plans and measures resulting from risk assessments, shall be documented in the form and scope necessary, based on the nature, activities, risk factors and size of the undertaking, and they shall be stored so that the information can be used later.