Section 12-1. Risk assessments and specially adapted measures for employees under the age of 18

When persons under the age of 18 are to be used in the work, the employer must assess the risks to which they will be exposed.
The risk assessment shall be carried out before persons under 18 take up the work and repeated every time material changes are made to the working conditions.
The risk assessment shall be based on the following in particular:
  1. a.
    the equipment and layout of the work site and workplace;
  2. b.
    the arrangement, choice and use of work equipment and machinery, and how these are handled;
  3. c.
    the organisation of the work;
  4. d.
    the nature, degree and duration of exposure to physical, biological and chemical agents;
  5. e.
    unfortunate psychological strains that the work may entail;
  6. f.
    work operations that can overstrain the muscular-skeletal system;
  7. g.
    children and young people' level of training and instruction.
The employer shall implement necessary measures to safeguard the health, safety and development of persons under the age of 18. A special account shall be taken of their lack of work experience, that they are not aware of actual and potential risks and that they are not yet fully developed.