Section 13-2. The employer's use of the occupational health service

The employer shall ensure that the occupational health service
  1. a.
    assists with continuous mapping of the working environment, carries out surveys of the workplaces and work processes and assesses the risk of harm to health,
  2. b.
    proposes preventive measures and, together with the undertaking, works on measures to reduce the risk of harm to health caused by the work,
  3. c.
    assists in the planning and implementation of physical and organisational changes in the undertaking, including the establishment, maintenance and adaptation of workplaces, premises, equipment and work processes,
  4. d.
    assists in drawing up and amending guidelines for the use of chemicals, machinery, equipment and other work processes,
  5. e.
    assists in monitoring and checking the employees' health having regard to their work situation and carries out the necessary follow-up, in such cases as are laid down by the law or regulations, this is justified from an occupational health perspective, or when the undertaking’s risk assessment indicates this,
  6. f.
    assists in individual adaptation, including assistance pursuant to Section 4-6 of the Working Environment Act,
  7. g.
    assists in providing information and training about relevant risks relating to health, safety and the environment and relevant measures,
  8. h.
    assists in connection with enquiries from the employee, safety representative and working environment committee.